It’s Getting Real!

luggage suitcaseNow that my working visa for the U.K. is processed, the planning is more tangible! Before it was theory, with a little voice in the back of my head that said, “Perhaps the Fulbright Committee made a mistake. Maybe they’ll email and say you aren’t going to Nottingham.”

As a notorious over-packer trying to cover weather in the U.K. from August to January, account for dressing for work at the University of Nottingham, as well as semi-casual weekend exploring clothes, I’m kind of flummoxed. And by “kind of” I mean: OH, NO! WHAT WILL I BRING?!? All. Of. The Stuff!

In the past, when I tried packing in a “more reasonable way” for a weekend in Montreal, I forgot my shirts! This week, at a course on extreme weather in Ocracoke Island, I forgot my toothpaste and toothbrush! (No worries, people, I was loaned given one by the front desk.)

So, taking into consideration the various outfits I need for work, play, and travel –  as well as weather ranging from 80º F to 30, rain to sun. And more rain, apparently. Oh, and snow in the winter…WHAT SHALL I DO?

Pictured above are my two suitcases. I also will have a carry-on pilot’s case. In addition, I have funding to board one or two more bags. I must keep reminding myself that once I get to London, though, I must manage to get all of this to Nottingham. Does anyone in the U.K. have a moving van who might meet me at the airport? (kidding)

To add to the mix, I still don’t know where I’m living, but I’m hoping for a fully furnished flat. I’ll buy towels and linens once I arrive, I’m thinking. So please, help me…WHAT SHOULD I PACK TO BRING TO ENGLAND?