What Day is It?


We have to prepare our fixer-upper for asbestos removal, plumbing, and wiring work. While we wait on subcontractors, Jim and Craig got to work tearing out old plaster walls, which were attached to a metal structure. It was messy and tiring work. They wore masks to help them breathe when the room filled with dust and eye gear to protect their sight. (In the photos below, they are wearing it all, but took the glasses off to clean then when they went outside for a break. Back to work PPE Boys!) Beth, Craig’s girlfriend had the honor of the first smash of the kitchen tile with the sledgehammer. She’s. A. Beast!

The rooms in the photo are the living room (with the fireplace and curved window, along with the kitchen where walls will come down…after the asbestos removal company does their thing.)

PPE (personal protective equipment) is often overlooked, but is so important. Once, Jim was on a job site (not his own) and a worker was busting up a cast iron pipe without eye gear. I’m not even going to tell the rest of the story, as cast iron has a tendency to break into shards.

Back to me.

While Jim and Craig were busting a move inside, Beth and I went outside to investigate the bog that is my backyard.

I’m thinking of growing cranberries.

The soil is clay, which for some reason, surprised me. I’d seen plenty of that in West Virginia when I’d go visit my relatives, but didn’t realize it was in this part of CT. The properties to the south (side yard) and east (back yard) of the house drain into mine, as West Hartford is sloped. My neighbors to the north get drainage from everyone and currently have enough water for spawning salmon.

My goal in life is to live on the water. This is not what I meant.

Taking any & all suggestions for water drainage solutions in the comments! A Swale? Some French Drains? A Lazy River?